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Welcome to Wendy Cushing Boutique

The leading online retail supplier of top quality trimmings, tiebacks and accessories for the interior design and decorative trade.

— Our Story—

Wendy Cushing's unique expertise in the world of trimmings is inspired by traditional craftsmanship to create timeless designs.

Wendy Cushing is a leading global brand specialist in the design and manufacturing of furnishing trimmings of the finest quality.

A key supplier to high-end interiors worldwide supplying international palaces, yachts, hotels and theatres.

Wendy Cushing company was founded in 1986 with a foundation of expertise from working in the industry as a handweaver and designer with one of the oldest English trimmings companies.

For more information on Wendy Cushing visit: www.wendycushingdesigns.com

The finest decorative
trimmings & accessories
An exclusive online trimmings shop curated by the internationally renowned designer and maker Wendy Cushing.
— Our philosophy —

To share and celebrate our skills and imagination by producing items of beauty that will enlighten your emotions.

Bali Dip Dye and Koko Tassels

Our Vision

To create and make beautiful items that can be enjoyed and appreciated as works of art.


Our Mission

To offer our skills, knowledge and creativity to those clients who understand us and to make sure the tradition of making trimmings continues in England.


Our Future

To endeavour to flourish in our innovation in this age old industry.

Oriental Medi Tassels
Unparalleled Choice

Simple threads are crafted with experienced hands to make objects of the highest quality, colour and finish.

Why choose our products?

Our reputation of being one of the few companies remaining in the UK with the knowledge and experience handed down through generations in the industry gives confidence and trust in our company. We give a product and service with commitment and love of our work.

We hope you love our range and feel inspired by it.

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