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Oriental Dragon TasselsOriental Medi TasselsOriental Lantern tassels on a cushion.Bali Dip Dye Collection ImageOriental Medi TasselsA range of Kimono tasselsKimono Pagoda Tassel Colourways Melrose Toggle TiebacksMelrose Toggle TiebackOrange Bali Koko TasselOriental Medi Tassels Oriental Lantern TiebackBali Koko Tassel ColourwaysMelrose trimmingsMelrose Collection ImageBali Dip Dye Tassel Display ImageSilver Grey Noble Lorenzo TiebackBali Dip Dye TasselNoble Enzo TiebackA range of buttonsTassels on pillows.Bali Dyp Dye Tieback on curtainBali Dip Dye Tassels mood imageA tieback on a lamp.Noble Lorenzo TiebackDip Dye Tassel DiplayBali tassels and tiebacks

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